Ex_aws Elastic Load balancing

I’ve written a service for ex_aws that works with the AWS Elastic Load Balancing API (version “2015-12-01”). I’m calling my describe_load_balancing function but I get back only a portion of the load balancers that I know exist in our QA environment. I’ve tried passing in the page_size parameter and was expecting to get a marker back but I don’t. I realize this isn’t really an Elixir question but I was wondering if anyone else has used the other API’s for ex_aws and used paging or has ever seen the API return less than the “real” total in the response. github repo is: github.com/fmcgeough/ex_aws_elastic_load_balancing

Ah. I think I’ve figured it out. The API call is not returning the “classic” load balancers.

And to get that to work I’ll have to implement both the new API (which I’ve done) and the old one.

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I implemented the classic (older) API in the same github repo. I renamed the module for the newer API to ExAws.ElasticLoadBalancingV2. Classic is ExAws.ElasticLoadBalancing. Although I thought of separating these out into different libraries it made more sense to me to put them both in the same repo. I figured if you are using one then you probably might need the other one (like me).