ex_tree_sitter_highlight - makeup alternative implemented with rustler binding to tree-sitter

Hi, I’ve just released a hex package for my project: GitHub - knoebber/ex_tree_sitter_highlight

Like Makeup, it transforms source code into highlighted html. However, my project uses tree-sitter, so it’s easier to add support for other languages.

This is a thin binding to the rust tree-sitter-highlight crate.

Why? Because I wanted to highlight code inside the ~H sigil and I thought it’d be fun to learn a bit of rust. I’m just sharing here in case anyone else finds it useful.

Side-by-side comparison with makeup using both project’s default style sheet: https://knoebber.github.io/ex_tree_sitter_highlight/comparison.html

(disclaimer: I’m not claiming this is superior to makeup… it’s definitely not as polished, and is a much heavier dependency given it’s dependency on the rust toolchain)