Ex338 - web app to manage a fantasy sports league

Hey all!

ex338, GitHub - axelclark/ex338: Web application to manage the 338 Challenge fantasy sports league, is a hobby app I made to manage a fantasy sports league (called The 338 Challenge) I’m in with my friends. In the league instead of having players on your fantasy team, you have teams and individuals across 14 sports leagues and then get points when your team or individual wins the league championship. We have 28 fantasy teams in two divisions and just wrapped up the draft.

I started learning programming in January with Ruby on Rails and then switched over to Elixir in June, so I’ve been using this app to learn different aspects of programming. I’ve been mainly learning in my free time using book tutorials, so any feedback would be appreciated.

I’m using the following:

Elixir, Ecto, Phoenix
Deployed to Heroku
CSS Framework: Bourbon, Neat, Bitters, and a couple Refills, http://bourbon.io/
Authentication: Coherence, GitHub - smpallen99/coherence: Coherence is a full featured, configurable authentication system for Phoenix
Admin: ExAdmin, GitHub - smpallen99/ex_admin: ExAdmin is an auto administration package for Elixir and the Phoenix Framework
Email: Swoosh, GitHub - swoosh/swoosh: Compose, deliver and test your emails easily in Elixir
Error Monitoring: Honeybadger, GitHub - honeybadger-io/honeybadger-elixir: Elixir client for Honeybadger.
Testing: Wallaby, GitHub - elixir-wallaby/wallaby: Concurrent browser tests with elixir, ex_machina, GitHub - thoughtbot/ex_machina: Create test data for Elixir applications and ExUnit, http://elixir-lang.org/docs/stable/ex_unit/ExUnit.html
Code Analysis: Credo, GitHub - rrrene/credo: A static code analysis tool for the Elixir language with a focus on code consistency and teaching.

I’m building it as the season progresses so the draft functionality is complete, waivers is mostly finished, and the big thing I have left is keeping track of scoring which is somewhat complicated for some of the sports (it’s for the 2017 season so I have until the College Football Championship in January to figure it out).

Again, any feedback or recommendations are appreciated!


I’ve continued to build my ex338 app and we are in our second season using it to manage our fantasy sports league. We are up to 3 leagues for 2018 with 36 fantasy teams.

I just updated the folder structure and naming conventions for Phoenix 1.3 including updates to Coherence and ExAdmin. If anyone is looking for an example project, here is the pull request.

I just merged it, so TBD on if I introduced any bugs, haha. Also, I still have some work to do with refactoring to use contexts.


I’ve seen a few people ask for feedback on their open source projects.

I built Ex338 to help manage a fantasy sports league while learning how to program. I started the site a few years ago and we’re up to 3 divisions with 12 teams in each division. Right now we have around 50 fantasy team owners (users).

I program as a hobby, so I don’t get a lot of opportunities to have others review my code. If anyone is willing to take a look at the project and provide feedback or areas for improvement, it would be much appreciated…thanks!


I recently converted my app, Ex338, to TailwindCSS & AlpineJS with some TailwindUI components.

If you haven’t checked out TailwindCSS and its Utility-First concept, here is a great article about the concept: