Ex4j - Ecto with the Bolt protocol + an elegant DSL for Neo4J databases

I’ve just created and published my first Elixir library!

Ex4j combines the power of Ecto schema with the Bolt protocol + an elegant DSL to make your like easier with Neo4J Graph Database.




Great timing as I was just getting interested in graph databases.

By the way, can this library work with Memgraph? Since it’s compatible with Neo4J (bolt protocol, cypher query language).

@trnasistor I took a look and noticed Memgraph allows connection with Bolt protocol and most of the Cypher queries work well… so I guess you can install Ex4j and connect directly to Memgraph as if it were Neo4J. An Alternative would be to create a Connection protocol in Ex4j in a PR that would change the connection behavior based on the type of graph database you are using or you could even use the Memgraph Rust client with Nifs.