Example STAPLE Stack SCRUM App (Surface, Tailwind, Ash, Phoenix, LiveView, Elixir)

Hello Friends!

Eager to learn the STAPLE stack (Surface, Tailwind, Ash, Phoenix, LiveView, Elixir) and unable to find any example projects, I put together an example app with some very basic SCRUM functionality, which I intend to progressively improve. One neat twist is that users can indicate what they are working on and everyone can, in real-time, see how much time each other is putting in, which I hope gives a little sense of team work.

I hope this could be a nice reference for newcomers to the STAPLE stack. Please let me know what you think and feel free to PR!


Hey there! Mind editing your post to include the link? Sounds fun to see!


Of course I would do that on my inaugural post…

Now you have a fun story :laughing: Like how I accidentally released 1.0. Mistakes make it fun :laughing:

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Thank you @sdpyle for putting this out there. I’m learning so much from this.

Sometimes the documentation is just not enough and I need to see things in action to garner confidence about the way I’m doing it.

Thank you.

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Thank you brother!

I’m so happy that it is helping you. It was my intention with this project to learn these awesome frameworks and help others learn too.


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