ExAntiGate - an anti-captcha.com unofficial client for solving captcha by human workers

A few years ago I’ve got a project which would get data from a public source but search form was protected by captcha. After trying to find a solution I’ve written a small library to work with https://anti-captcha.com and it works since then without any troubles. Recently I’ve refactored it a little and added new task types. May be somebody find it useful.

Current ExAntiGate version - 0.4.1.

At the moment it supports:

  • ImageToTextTask : solve usual image captcha
  • NoCaptchaTask : Google Recaptcha puzzle solving
  • NoCaptchaTaskProxyless : Google Recaptcha puzzle solving without proxies
  • RecaptchaV3TaskProxyless : Google Recaptcha v.3
  • FunCaptchaTask - rotating captcha funcaptcha.com
  • FunCaptchaTaskProxyless - funcaptcha without proxy
  • SquareNetTextTask : select objects on image with an overlay grid

Your website explains that you pay goog salaries to those human workers and the features an image where a worker is zapped by a laser gun and replaced instantly by a robot that picks him from the neck.

I get the humor but …

It is not my website, I’m just using its services via the library I’ve introduced.

But I would recommend to read explanation on what is going on located right above the laser gun person: “Our advanced quality control system monitors worker’s entries and quickly eliminates cheaters”.

Oh, sorry, I should have think better before confusing you with the service.

About the “cheaters”, yes, I read that already, it does not change much. I am not sure if this is the good place to talk about Economics and Politics, but this is a clear orange flag.