Not sure if this is still going but adding it for completeness.

Who Is This For?

  1. You’re a programmer. You’ve heard of Elixir and you want to know more.

Maybe you’re a Ruby developer who’s heard the buzz about Elixir. Or perhaps you’re coming from one of the many other healthy development ecosystems and you’re wanting to learn about the new “cool kid”. Either way, you may (or may not) know a little syntax and you need some guidance. You’re in the right place.

  1. You know the basics of Elixir. Now you’re ready to go deeper.

You love functional programming. You love Elixir. You’re aware that because it runs on the amazing BEAM and is inspired by Ruby, it’s battle-tested and optimized for developer happiness. ExCasts is here to guide you through intermediate and advanced topics with realistic use cases so you can get more out of Elixir and its ecosystem.


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