Excoveralls [error] GenServer #PID<0.278.0> terminating

I can’t use excoveralls 0.10, I’m getting the following error: (remembering that everything goes well with the project)

18:54:13.405 [error] GenServer #PID<0.278.0> terminating
** (RuntimeError) connect raised ArgumentError exception. The exception details are hidden, as they may contain sensitive data such as database credentials. You may set :show_sensitive_data_on_connection_error to true when starting your connection if you wish to see all of the details
    (postgrex 0.15.8) lib/postgrex/protocol.ex:129: Postgrex.Protocol.host_and_port/1
    (postgrex 0.15.8) lib/postgrex/protocol.ex:65: Postgrex.Protocol.connect/1
    (db_connection 2.3.1) lib/db_connection/connection.ex:82: DBConnection.Connection.connect/2
    (connection 1.1.0) lib/connection.ex:622: Connection.enter_connect/5
    (stdlib 3.14) proc_lib.erl:226: :proc_lib.init_p_do_apply/3
Last message: nil
State: Postgrex.Protocol
** (Mix) The database for Bank.Repo couldn't be created: killed


How did you include it in your mix.exs? Here’s mine in a project where it works just fine:

      {:excoveralls, "~> 0.14", only: [:dev, :test], runtime: false},

{:excoveralls, "~> 0.10", only: :test, runtime: false}

now I put the same version as yours and still nothing.

I didn’t mean the version but the runtime: false thing.

This is the underlying exception:

This sounds like Bank.Repo is not correctly configured, not anything related to Excoveralls…

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defmodule Bank.Repo do
  use Ecto.Repo,
    otp_app: :bank,
    adapter: Ecto.Adapters.Postgres

I managed to solve it. It seems to have been the problem in my

.env file

as I removed it and put its information directly in the

dev.exs and test.exs files

and everything worked normally. Thank you all for the support.