ExDhcp: An Elixir DHCP Server

Finally! A new Elixir DHCP server with permissive licensing. Posting this library for isaac-rstor :

It’s similar in purpose to one_dhcpd but can serve arbitrary DNS queries.


It looks like it handles only DHCP, not DNS?

Oops, typo! Meant to say arbitrary DHCP … though I was thinking it’d be interesting to extend it to support DNS queries as well. It’s likely to use similar socket options, but I’m not sure.

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Ahh that makes more sense. ^.^;

I would not recommend going into the DNS world, DNS is way more crazy complex then you could imagine. I manage our work DNS servers and the sheer amount of stuff one has to deal with is astounding and so far behind the scenes that no one notices unless it decides to break (almost always because something sent bad data to populate it…)… >.>

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And despite all the very reasonable comments from @OvermindDL1 I am still working on an Elixir-based DNS authoritative server. :slight_smile: Or at least a service registration and discovery server with a DNS interface. Binary pattern matching makes the protocol part quite fun. But that is not to suggest for a moment that reality of managing a DNS server is fun! I expect to have it out in the wild by the end of the year.


Lol! Doesn’t mean I still don’t want to see how it goes. ^.^

Plus there is always merit in doing something just to do it and learn. ^.^