ExDoc extras markdown newline behaviour (HTML)

Hi, one question I stumbled across a couble of times,
but I can nowhere find any reference anyone else dislikes this behaviour also.

In ExDoc extras markdown pages every newline becames a new paragraf

in HTML.
Means empty line in between. But I only expext to have a single

So the standard markdown of double space linebreak is creating an empty line before the next line.

I also experemented with the ExDoc markdown_parser_options gfm: false or breaks: false which doesn’t change anything.


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But what’s your question exactly?

Is there a bug in earmark (or ex_doc) of a wrong conversion from markdown to HTML concerning linebreak (gfm) or double space + linebreak resulting in an additional unexpected empty line before the next line?

Thanks for asking for clarification.

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It is indeed an issue: Markdown to HTML new line behaviour · Issue #1350 · elixir-lang/ex_doc · GitHub

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