Exercises for Beginners

I was wondering if there are any beginner-friendly, exercise-based resources for learning Elixir out there. I’m looking for something like a series of coding exercises with maybe a short explanation of how to solve it focused on teaching Elixir.

I know that I can always build a to-do app or do the advent of code or whatnot. There are plenty of language-agnostic projects out there. But I was hoping to find something that’s more geared toward teaching useful patterns and best practices in Elixir.

Check out exercism project. It has a lot of coding exercises in different languages.
Elixir one is pretty good and well maintained.


As @Mpanarin says exercism is a great resource. I’ve found elixir-lang.org incredibly useful and it is well written with plenty of references to the documentation, as well as exercises to do along with the texts. If you’re interested there’s also Learn Functional Programming with Elixir that for me has been a great introduction, and it too has plenty of exercises.


Thanks guys! I’ve had a look at exercism and it does look rather nice

+1 for elixir-lang.org.
elixirkoans.io was a nice way to dive in as well, with simple exercises to discover the basic types and functions.