Exercism Elixir track - Github repository of all my solutions

tl;td: My solutions are here and here. Elixir is awesome. Exercism is awesome. Thank you Elixir community.

Recently, I have solved all the challenges of Exercism for the Elixir track and I wanted to share my solutions. They can be viewed in 2 different places:

Thanks to Exercism:

  • It gave me the opportunity to try Elixir with few challenges in 2019 to see if I would like it. Since that, I have dived fully into other Elixir resources (books, courses, podcasts, videos, …) and tried to solve all Exercism Elixir challenges in 2022.
  • I got new ways and ideas how to solve next challenges and learnt Elixir with more depth thanks to community solutions.
  • I have discovered new concepts beyond Elixir while and after solving challenges: trees, matrix manipulation, Knapsack problem, backtracking, Constraint satisfaction problem, AC-3 algorithm, …
  • I have made my first (small) contributions. Most of them are related to Elixir.

After finishing all challenges, I have decided to be mentor on the Elixir track.

Though it seems small, it is a big achievement for me as I have never worked with Elixir before (I wish to work with Elixir in the future). It is also my first time solving coding challenges for “fun”.

Thank you @chriseyre, @happysalada, and @neenjaw for being my mentors.

Thank you @lakret for your youtube channel and for explaining backtracking and AC-3 algorithm in Elixir.

Thank you @angelikatyborska for speaking about Exercism multiple times: only after the 3rd time, I have decided to try it again. Without you, I would not have tried Elixir in the first place, solved all the challenges and be mentor on Exercism today.

Thank you Elixir community!