Exercism's Functional February (12in23 challenge)

Exercism (https://exercism.org/) are running a 12in23 challenge this year and this month is Functional February!

I think that this video is a great high-level introduction to functional programming with discussion and code samples of the following concepts (and of course they talk about Elixir as well!)

  • Functions as first class citizens
  • Pure functions
  • Immutability
  • Pattern Matching
  • Recursion

Certainly worth a look if you’re new to the ideas - the Elixir track is excellent :smiley:


Ah nice! It’s great they mention Elixir in a big way (as well as Erlang and Gleam)!

I’m usually not really into doing coding challenges (unless they are like Rails for Zombies :lol:) so I might give it a try myself :smiley:

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