Exgboost - Gradient Boosted Decision Trees in Elixir

I’m excited to announce the initial (v0.1.0) release of Exgboost, a gradient-boosted decision tree library powered by XGBoost and Nx.

Source: GitHub - acalejos/exgboost at v0.1.0
Docs: Exgboost — Exgboost v0.1.0

Exgboost is currently based on this commit for the upcoming 2.0.0 release of XGBoost.

Exgboost provides an implementation of XGBoost that works with Nx tensors.

Xtreme Gradient Boosting (XGBoost) is an optimized distributed gradient boosting library designed to be highly efficient, flexible and portable. It implements machine learning algorithms under the Gradient Boosting framework.