Exonerate - JSONschema validator for elixir

This one has been sitting in a dark corner of my github for several years, I started it before I knew how to publish to hex.pm but I found a need for it at my current job, so I rewrote chunks of it over the past couple of weeks and brought it up to date with the most current version of JSONSchema. I’ve used the validator (in its old form, as a github pull) in both of my previous elixir jobs, but now that I can say I’m “proud of it” it have put it on hex.pm for everyone to use.

This library injects JSONSchema validation code into your module. It’s inspired by EEx and NimbleParsec. The library is validated against the official JSONSchema test set.



updated to version 0.2.0, which now supports (and is tested against) most of draft 4, 6, 7, 2019, and 2020, also produces better error messages for anyOf, and oneOf filters, as well as “ref traces” for if your schema validation jumps around several references.


updated to version 0.2.1, a minor upgrade which provides the required: "/jsonpointer/to/required/parameter" optional error content if a required filter in your JSONSchema fails.