"expected ExUnit callback" while running Absinthe Tests


I create a graphql API according to the book “Craft graphql apis in elixir with absinthe”.

When I create tests, I run into an error:

  1) test Category field returns category items (BiidiWeb.Schema.Query.CategoryTest)
 ** (RuntimeError) expected ExUnit callback in BiidiWeb.Schema.Query.CategoryTest to return :ok | keyword | map, got %Biidi.Category{__meta

__: #Ecto.Schema.Metadata<:loaded, “categories”>, id: 4, inserted_at: ~N[2018-09-18 20:19:16.469878], title: “other”, updated_at: ~N[2018-09-18
20:19:16.469890]} instead
(ex_unit) lib/ex_unit/callbacks.ex:368: ExUnit.Callbacks.raise_merge_failed!/2

I searched in Google and in the Forum, but cause I’m new in Elixir and Phoenix I don’t get a propper understanding of the occurring issue.

Here is a working dockerized copy reduced to the failing part:

You can run docker-compose, create DB, migration and then run the test…

Thank you for any help!

Got it. The error appears in the “setup do”

I forgot to add
to the end of the seeds file…


life saver.