Experience re-writing Angular/Elixir web app using Phoenix LiveView

Before LiveView existed, I wrote an SPA with Angular on the front end and Phoenix/Elixir on the backend. For the past month I’ve been re-writing my web app using Phoenix/LiveView. I’ve written other SPAs as well, using React/Java.

I just wanted to say how incredibly happy I am to be developing using Phoenix/LiveView. I would say may productivity is 10x compared to the old way. Plus, it is just a joy to program in this environment.

So, thanks!


could you please share type of app and complexity of interface ? I am planning to migrate one of frontend heavy app with lot of complex forms and afraid live view may not be a good fit for migration

My app is used to author and deliver online education material. It uses the structure of the concepts represented to sequence topics to end users (students) in an optimal manner. I would say it is of medium to high complexity at the moment. There are a small number of forms thus far, but having a large number of them shouldn’t be a problem. I use components from the free version of Flowbite. Hope that’s at least slightly useful.