Experienced Full-Time Elixir/Erlang/OTP Engineer to join back-end Platform Team

Introductory paragraph

Inflowmatix have developed pioneering technology to investigate pressure transients and dynamic instabilities in water supply networks through innovative hardware, firmware, software and analytics. We have invested heavily in Elixir, OTP and the BEAM since 2015 and we’re always looking for smart dedicated developers to join our Southampton office or work remotely.

About us

My name: Mike Williams
My position: CEO
Company name: Inflowmatix Limited
Website: www.inflowmatix.com
Company info and history:

We have built our innovative functional back-end data and device management platform (InflowNet™) from scratch using OTP and Elixir (distributed) and this started back in Jan 2015. It is based upon CQRS and Event-Sourcing and it has been live in production for over 18 months and we are constantly enhancing and improving it as well as, of course actively maintaining it. We are in the process of migrating the platform to AWS and taking this opportunity to take a retrospective look at the platform and a forward thinking look at how AWS can complement it.

About the job

Job title: Senior Platform Developer - Full Time
Job description: We are looking for a enthusiastic and passionate Elixir developer with skills in OTP and enterprise level application building/designing/architecting.
Salary range: £50k-£65k
Position on remote work: Remote possible but only in EU at this stage.
Qualifications or experience required:
At least 2 years Elixir/OTP systems back-end development (not just web applications), and must have had experience of dealing with such applications/platforms/systems in a production environment.
What the successful job applicant will be working on:
Part of the team that is developing, enhancing and maintaining our Elixir/OTP platform. Understanding and developing the means to manage, monitor and deploy the platform in AWS. Contribute to the development and improvement of the interfaces to both our frontend web application team and our backend analytics team who are developing their analytics platform in Python and AWS Lambda/Serverless.

Some DevOps knowledge, especially around AWS or Terraform would be an advantage as would an understanding of GraphQL, time-series databases and NoSQL stores.

About the interview process

We would like initially to see what projects you have worked on and what levels of overall application development experience (predominantly server-side) you have, either through online profile/project/open source or other means. We would then invite you to chat with us (myself and other team members) online and eventually to visit us at our Southampton office, to have a longer discussion and present your ideas about a challenge we will set you. You will then meet the wider engineering team (we have a very multidisciplinary engineering team for our product set) followed by a chat with myself and one other senior Inflowmatixian!

Further info

If you are interested in helping us and yourself grow and succeed, tell us why and a little bit about yourself and your BEAM journey by emailing us at careers@inflowmatix.com!