Experienced Polyglot Functional Developer

Hi Everyone,

I’ve decided to make the move from consulting to a full-time position as a senior engineer. I prefer remote, which is how I’ve been successfully working for years. But I’m open to relocating to Central Oregon or the West Coast.

About me

I’m Robb Shecter, and I currently live in Las Vegas. But I’ve lived for years in Portland, NYC, and Germany, consulting for companies like NYSE, Nike, and many smaller ones. I’ve also worked in professional services delivering functional-style Python and Ruby solutions for BMW and Starbucks. (I’m the odd one out in a Ruby shop, showing how my purely functional code is easier to test, understand, and maintain.) I’ve been programming my whole life, since learning Z-80 on an old TRS-80.

I’ve spent the last several years learning and using Haskell and Elixir in production. The experience has dramatically improved my coding in every language. :slight_smile: I also use Elixir and Haskell every chance I get in my side projects, and participate in the FP communities here online, and IRL.

Work Samples

My personal Github profile and my side-project profile have lots of interesting projects. E.g.: a challenging API coding challenge which I just completed for a job I ended up declining. Haskell HTML parsers. A small Elixir reverse DNS Hex package.

Writing and Mentoring

I’ve been mentoring & teaching online and in person for years. E.g., on Codementor (4.9/5 rating). I bring functional programming into all my lessons, and blog as well, e.g.: How to set up a Docker dev environment for Elixir/Phoenix, and The Benefits of Programming with Haskell.

Elixir Experience

  • Phoenix API server for public.law:
    • Visitor site authorization
    • Legacy redirects
  • Small public Hex package for reverse DNS lookups
  • Elixir/Phoenix Docker Compose development environment setup.
  • Two years of active Elixir community participation in the online forum.
    Advocacy and presentations at the workplace on the benefits of Elixir+Phoenix
    over the Python and Ruby solutions.

Thanks for your consideration! Ping me with any questions.