Experienced Ruby/Rails developer looking for Elixir work

My name is Tony Collen, and I’m based out of the Minneapolis/Saint Paul, MN, USA area.

I’m currently an independent contractor/consultant, and I have over 11 years of professional experience working with Ruby and Rails.

I’m coming off of a 3-year contract with my client and I’m eager for more work in Elixir & Phoenix.

My current client is an international manufacturer of exercise equipment, and I’ve been helping them connect their machines online for gathering various maintenance & usage statistics in order to help them gather better information about how their machines are being used & how they are functioning. I’ve also consulted for startups as a technical advisor/architect.

While I don’t have an extensive public github/bitbucket/etc portfolio, I have a track record of shipping of software for my clients that deliver real business value.

Ideally, I’d like to join an experienced Rails team that’s looking to pilot Elixir, or just starting to work in Elixir, although I won’t discount jumping on board with an existing team already doing Elixir work. I’m also interested in joining a startup as perhaps a technical lead/cofounder.

I’m NOT open to relocation, and while I would prefer remaining a contractor, I would also consider joining a company FT for the right project and team. I am very comfortable & successful as a remote teammate.

  • 11+ years of real-world Ruby/Rails experience
  • Strong geospatial/GIS background. I love Postgres and PostGIS :smiley:
  • I can sling the occasional Javascript and work with NodeJS & family if needed
  • Other interests include IoT/connected hardware, messaging systems (RabbitMQ), Kafka, time-series databases, Elasticsearch
  • Organized Ruby.MN (2011-2012) and currently the organizer of our local Elixir.MN meetup.

My professional website is https://halogenlabs.com, although there isn’t a very up-to-date client list there :slight_smile:

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tonycollen/
Github: github.com/tonyc
Bitbucket: bitbucket.org/tonyc


If you’re reading this thread, I am no longer freelancing, and not accepting any new work, so please look around for someone who is :slight_smile:

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