Experiences with ActorDB?

TLDR: If you have used ActorDB | Documentation - About , I am interested in hearing about your experiences.

I recently stumbled across ActorDB | Documentation - About which makes a number of interesting design decisions. To the best of my current understanding:

  1. each ‘node’ is backed by sqlite
  2. sqlite’s WAL is modified to use LMDB
  3. some layer (I don’t understand) makes it possible to do transactions involving morethan one sqlite db’s

Searching on this forum, ActorDB unfortunately is only mentioned in two posts:
So what is the problem with sqlite? - #4 by mumford
Can ecto repos be started dynamically? - #12 by idi527

What I find interesting about the ActorDB model is explicitly sharding the data (deciding which sqlite db it goes into). Transactions across multiple sqlite’s may be expensive but is possible, while transactions within different sqlite’s operate completely independently.

If you have used ActorDB in practice, I am interested in hearing your experiences.

(Please no posts based on w/o trying ActorDB; please only post actual experiences using ActorDB).