Extracting images in an excel file

This there a way to extract images from an excel file in elixir. I have tired xlsxir library but its bring a nil value. Thanks for your help in advance

Not sure of any library that could do this specifically for .xlsx files, but the thing about.xlsx files is that they’re just .zip files. That means you could extract the contents from it, specifically the xl > media folder.

Generally, you’ll get better results here if you provide more information for people to understand your situation:

  • what error did you get? Not relevant here, as you mentioned you’re getting back nil.
  • what code have you tried? It could be the library is poorly-documented and the approach is “working” but not giving useful results.
  • can you provide a demonstration? Especially in cases like this with externally-created data, it’s possible the source is doing things that make the library malfunction. Having a concrete example will help rule that out, and provides a quicker on-ramp for people to help.
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