ExTypesense - Typesense client with support for importing your Ecto schemas

hi! asking if there’s any peeps here using Typesense. I’m working on a simple library with support for Ecto. It’s basically a wrapper where it either returns a json decoded map or an Ecto struct. Any feedback’s greatly appreciated! :pray:

About Typesense (from their “about” page, I just copy pasted):

Typesense is an open source, typo tolerant search engine that is optimized for instant sub-50ms searches , while providing an intuitive developer experience .

If you’ve heard about ElasticSearch or Algolia, a good way to think about Typesense is that it is:

  • An open source alternative to Algolia, with some key quirks solved and
  • An easier-to-use batteries-included alternative to ElasticSearch

We’ve occasionally seen a few users confuse Typesense with a public search engine like say Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, etc. These internet search engines go out and crawl data from sites and then let anyone search through them.

Typesense on the other hand, does not crawl data. Instead, you’d push data that you already have - in your primary database (or CSV/JSON file) or you’ve crawled using a scraper - into Typesense and then allow your own users to search through this data via a search UI in your site or app.


I never heard of it… but I just added a couple stars to my GitHub profile. :grin:

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Thanks @arcanemachine! :slight_smile:

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This is really neat!

Docs recommendation: While I’ve heard of Typesense, I couldn’t immediately recall what it was and had to look it up separately before I could understand what ExTypesense was doing. I’d recommend adding a brief “Typesense” section immediately following your one-liner description of the library that gives a brief explanation of Typesense and a link to learn more. :slight_smile: