ExVenture - Text based MMORPG

ExVenture is a text based MMORPG. I’ve been working on it for the past year or so, and it’s had a lot of cool things get spun off, such as Gossip, and Squabble. You can find it at exventure.org and on GitHub.

Some of the fun features ExVenture has:

  • Web client to play the game
  • Telnet access for standard MUD clients
  • Can be formed in a cluster
  • Powerful web admin panel to manage the game
  • Prometheus metrics to see what’s going on
  • Cross game chat via Gossip
  • Many more

This is all MIT licensed so feel free to spin up your own game and poke around the code. If anyone is interested there is also a discord server. I’ve got a game up on midmud.com if anyone wants to try before you download!

I also post monthly updates on my blog, the latest post is here.


Some updates for ExVenture: I’ve been fairly side tracked with Gossip, but I’ve finally gotten back to this. I was pretty happy to merge the split of characters from users last night. Lots of refactors to get that working but its very exciting to have in place!

I think next for ExVenture is getting a common login system in place. I’ve been talking with others in the text game community about getting Grapevine set up as an OAuth provider so that players can have a central login for these kinds of games.

Update links:

Multiple characters announcement post on MidMUD: https://midmud.com/announcements/f67429ba-5e93-4998-ae41-26da89f770dd


I recorded an episode with the Elixir Mix podcast folks and that came out yesterday!

We talked about ExVenture, Gossip, Grapevine, scaling out, metrics, and all lot of other topics. Check it out over at their site:



I was able to listen to it during commuting back to home, I really enjoyed that episode and it reminded me of the time I actively played MUDs, I really need to take some time off from job and family to play some MUDs again…


I have a new update post for the last month of development. It covers a lot of Gossip as well.

A few cool new things:

  • Multiple characters per account
  • Grapevine OAuth login
  • Gossip tracks players signed into your game to get cool graphs

I hope you check it out! And a small reminder that all of this is open source to feel free to poke around!


I’ve been working on getting ExVenture in a state for anyone to deploy, instead of something I hacked together. I have ansible set up along with a simple deploy script. This sets up a much nicer environment than I previously had.

I also have a hosted option if anyone is interested in a game without having to deploy it, which was fun to get going via terraform.


Did a new update post about the changes in ExVenture for December.

Some highlights include, refactoring the the eventing system for NPCs and formalizing the internal markup language. Check out the post for more info!