Favorite programming chair?

Since the keyboard thread has been going strong for a while I wanted to start a similar thread for desk chair recommendations. I’m in the market and looking but the variety (and cost) is all over the place.


I use one of these:

Bought from Amazon (originally posted in this thread)

If I was to get another, I would like to try this one as I think it allows you to sit with your legs a little wider (which I think is probably more suitable for men).

If you want to go to the extreme… you might want to try a squat desk:


Or maybe a hamster wheel desk :lol:


desk chair recommendations


works great with a 19" desktop height (mixed Ikea top/leg hack).

That said, I had a standing desk at a gig for almost 2 years, with a
stool to occasionally perch on but basically standing all day, and it
was great. Would totally do that again.

Not a fan of standard office chairs!


I’m specifically looking for a chair that can rotate for a U shaped desk, for my purposes.

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I’m looking for this. Bonus if it’s ergonomic.

I’ve been using an IKEA MARKUS for a very long time. I’d say it is one of the best (if not the best) programming chairs in the ‘also actually affordable’ category :smiley:.


I stumbled on a low cost, great option: Bungee Office Chair with Arms from The Container Store for $200. I got mine on sale for $150.


Super comfortable, turns easily and the height is adjustable. I wish the arms were adjustable too, but they’re not. Other than that, it’s excellent. I bought it because I moved to a hot place, Las Vegas. Also, my usual chair (Herman Miller Embody) was in storage, and I didn’t want to spend much money.

I’ve tried every chair at Office Depot, Ikea, Herman Miller, and Knoll. These are the best — normally, my favorite chairs are:

  • Herman Miller Embody
  • Herman Miller Mira 2 with full upgrades
  • Herman Miller Sayl with full upgrades

Those will run $1,000 — $1,300 for simple black. But they are fantastic and are absolutely worth the investment if you can afford them.


@AstonJ Last time I heard, squatting (long periods at a time) is very bad for your knees, unfortunately =/.

But I’d love such a hamster wheel!

how to convince my boss, though… hmmm…

I bought an Ikea MARKUS last year and I’ve been loving it. I only use it for around 3 hours a day tops, though, so I can’t say if it’s a good all-day chair.

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You might be surprised how easy it is to get bosses to agree to put you in hamster wheel.


I don’t know much about chairs so I just directly bought the classical one:

Might be overpriced somehow but its pretty helpful for my back hurts. In my company they claimed the chair they purchased at about 400$, but I still feel back hurts quite often when working all day on it.

For Aeron I don’t even feel my back hurts even to work across the whole weekend (about 15-16 hours * 2 days)/


Also have an Aeron. I first used one at a job in 2001. They get real cheap after each downturn in the market as companies offload them by the dozens.

This year I’ve been trying to use a standing desk more than half my coding time though gradually increasing it as my back adjusts to the different position. Posture has improved tons.

I tried the kneeling chair and just couldn’t make it comfortable for me. I’m going to return it and try the Markus.


I love my Embody. Definitely a pricy chair but it paid for itself in short order. It’s really comfortable and configurable to just youself.

The soles of my feet. I’ve been using a standing desk for about 2.5 years now.

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Which one did you get Barry? Is it height adjustable? In what way are you finding it uncomfortable?

I got the DRAGONN Ergonomic kneeling chair from Amazon. Just put too much pressure on my knees after a while. I didn’t actually order the Markus yet though. I decided I’d give the bungee chair from the container store a shot first. Should be here next week.

Ah that means the seat is too high - lower it until it feels (a lot) better on the knees - there should be very little pressure on the knees :slight_smile:

That was actually at its lowest. It was fine at first but after an hour or so it just wasn’t working for me.

I was also a little too big for the chair.

Just had a look on Amazon, and the angle of the seat on the DRAGONN doesn’t look great tbh - it slopes too much. By contrast if you look at this one:

And this one:

You can see that the seats are more horizontal - which means they will support your weight on your buttocks better. On mine (pic in first post) I’d say 95% of the weight is on my buttocks with 5% on the knees - or at least that’s what it feels like :lol: