Feedback Panda - built with Phoenix+Vue and bootstrapped to $55k/MRR (has now been acquired!)

Feedback Panda is a tool for online English teachers to manage giving feedback to all of their students. It was side project, turned start-up with zero employees, built entirely by its two founders.

They bootstrapped to $55k/MRR and successfully sold the business to SureSwift Capital in under two years!

I’ve just interviewed Arvid Kahl, the technical founder (and sole developer). We talked about how he evaluated the opportunity, where to invest engineering efforts, his book recommendations and more.

If you’re interested in hearing his story, watch on:

Or listen on: The Code and Bootstrapping podcast


This is great! Well done @arvidkahl - I am sure it will serve as inspiration for lots of others, and echoes what I have been saying for a while; that Elixir and Phoenix enable small teams to do really cool really viable stuff :023:

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Recently they were looking for developers. But they are definitely very picky.