Fexr | Foreign exchange rates

If you guys ever used openexchangerates, Fixer or currencylayer then I made a similar project because I like Fixer and think information should be free so instead of using ECB then I pull all information from Yahoo (153 currencies) and IMF (53 currencies)

I made a demo here Fexr.org
and you can check out the code here Fexr, FexrYahoo and FexrImf

It would be nice with some feedback.

I hope somebody might find it useful :slight_smile:


Great stuff! I constantly check different currencies and having something free, open and with an API would be great.

I wonder, however, why it is so “slow”:

$> time curl 'https://fexr.org/api/v1/latest?base=EUR&symbols=CHF'
0.75 real         0.01 user         0.00 sys

It could be that the server is located in the US (I am in Western Europe), but that would maybe explain ~300ms. I think that with proper caching (e.g ETS table) you could make it <1ms (excluding latency to/from server).

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Thanks for the feedback I have added cache on request. :slight_smile: so it should load faster now, and your assumption about the server is located in the US is spot on. :slight_smile: right now I use digitalocean.com.

But instead of calling the API it might even be faster to just use the modules you could use the FexrYahoo