FIFO Reliable Broadcast Elixir

Hello, does anyone have a working FIFO(First in First Out) Realiable Broadcast model in elixir. I have failed to find one online.

I think it should implement that :
Algorithm 3.12: Broadcast with Sequence Number
FIFOReliableBroadcast, instance frb.
ReliableBroadcast, instance rb.
upon event frb, Init do
lsn := 0;
pending := ∅;
next := [1]N ;
upon event frb, Broadcast | m do
lsn := lsn + 1;
trigger rb, Broadcast | [DATA, self, m, lsn] ;
upon event rb, Deliver | p, [DATA, s, m, sn] do
pending := pending ∪ {(s, m, sn)};
while exists (s, m
, sn
) ∈ pending such that sn = next[s] do
next[s] := next[s]+1;
pending := pending \ {(s, m
, sn
trigger frb, Deliver | s, m ;

Note for other readers: the above description is from “Introduction to Reliable and Secure Distributed Programming” by Christian Cachin, Rachid Guerraoui, and Luís Rodrigues, page 102

One challenge with finding a reliable broadcast implementation is that the default BEAM distribution protocol assumes a fully-connected network that does not fail. In that environment, “reliable broadcast” isn’t terribly different from just “broadcast”.

partisan is an Erlang project for clustering in the face of network failures; here’s an article using it to demonstrate testing reliable broadcast:

plumtree is another project, extracted from Riak, related to reliable broadcast. The project doesn’t seem terribly active, though.

I have a solution to Eager Reliable Broadcast and I need to implement FIFO order, I just dont know how to do that.