File saving in elixir

Hey I am wondering that what is the staple way to save files in elixir, I am mainly insterested in storing pictures and audio files, that are sent by a client application, and then these can be requested back from the server.
I would have the backend - my elixir app hosted on a vps, so I would prefer to store this data there too.
What are you guys using?

@benonymus: I believe that depends on lots of things, for example:

  1. I’m not sure, but services like YouTube are using separate servers for storage which I think could be easier for some maintenance scenarios. Serving 2 millions WebSocket connection and server big files from separate server seems reasonable for me.

  2. However for video blog I would probably choose same server, because in less complicated projects without millions of active channels should not have a bigger problem.

Of course there are only examples and most probably there are lots of things for further consideration.

Well definitely looking at a much smaller scale than YT, maybe like 50 users in total, and they would have their profile pictures stored and served, and they would upload audio recordings, and other users could listen to them.

@benonymus I’m not expert, so can’t say much. I know only that lots of people are deciding to use Amazon S3 storage. In short it’s already really well prepared and optimized (for specified region). Not sure how it looks with streaming media, but Amazon have lots of tools there. Unfortunately in some countries there is hard to find normal server and storage server from same service. There should be lots of articles about why and when to choose it.

I was thinking more like tools such as ARC, exfile in general for the question btw