Filter out logger message from other app

I am trying to have less log message so I want to stop all messages from a dependency :my_dep. Even though I have log level at :info in the main app I still see :debug messages logged from :my_dep, so I tried this in config.exs:

config :logger, :console,
  level: :info,
  metadata: [:application]

config :logger,
  backends: [:console],
  compile_time_purge_matching: [
    [application: :my_dep]

No change though. I am confused.

I looked at Logger - custom message filtering - #4 by hauleth and it says that this filters on the metadata, but there is no explicit metadata in the calls, just simple Logger.debug("something") – how can I remove these messages?

I should say that setting logger level to :info did not make them go away. I thought maybe they are in a separate process but running Logger.disable(self()) did make those messages go away so I think they are happening in the same process, I just don’t know why some debug messages still happen.

Thank you again!

Ah, I think I answered my own question. I had to first delete the compiled app:

rm -rf _build/dev/lib/my_dep

Using mix deps.compile did not work by itself.