First Phoenix site launched

Just wanted to quickly announce that I have just launched my first phoenix site. You can find it at:

The idea is:

  • it tracks a listing of bands played on bagel radio each day via a url presented by Soma FM.
  • It adds new bands to the list of tracked bands
  • every n hours, it checks bands in town for new events for the bands were tracking.
  • when a user inputs a location (zip code, address, city/state, etc) the app returns all of he concerts in that area.

The reason I put this together is that Bagel plays a lot of bands that listeners are avid fans of, but can easily miss in concert as there is no way to easily aggregate that list of bands. This app works to fill all those gaps.

Basically, I wrote it to scratch my own itch…



i should also add that doing this gave me the opportunity to learn about parsing text, parsing html, regex, grabbing api data, and using elixir pipes… the data update thing is really just one long pipe of date from raw data to everything in its place.

In all, after being an OO programmer a LONG time… I enjoyed not having to model my data as an object, and just think if it as a line of data transformations.

I will be writing my next project (a site for my own radio show) using phoenix starting this week.

Thanks group for your help along the way!


I should also add that the last time i did geo distance between two points was maybe 30 years ago on my HP-28. it took awhile to chug through one iteration, which is what kept me initially from putting this site together. I initially wrote my own geo distance module, but I found another one already done that would do all sorts of other distances that might be interesting, so i used it.

I am still amazed at how quickly it can plow through thousands of results.