First project: towers of Hanoi

Hi all,

I have completed my first project - a live view towers of Hanoi web-app.

I would love some comments on how I have done it - and how I could make it more ideomatically elixir.

I have tried to build it reasonably properly - a domain model, an ETS backed genserver api and then LiveView. It even has some tests…

Anyway - if you have time let me know what you think.

If you go for docker - you need to set
SECRET_KEY_BASE, PHX_SERVER (must be true), PHX_PORT, PHX_SCHEME and PHX_HOST. To be honest “iex -S mix phx.server” is easier!

Thanks for your time


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Hi & welcome,
a link maybe ?

Doh! Added above.

No interest?


  1. Simple example of how to use phoenix live-view, genserver and tailwind
  2. Can play yourself (manual mode) or be shown how to do it (auto-play)
  3. Tracks how many steps are taken to complete
  4. Can run locally or be built into a docker image
  5. Decent test coverage inc static analysis with dialyzer
  6. API documentation including architecture diagrams