Flutter/Dart library client for phoenix channels

Hi, i’m looking a Flutter/Dart client library for phoenix channels like these:


Is there anything?



Does it support Javascript libraries? If so you can just use Phoenix’s straight. Otherwise it is not too hard at all to make a new one, it is a super simple protocol. :slight_smile:

I found this:



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I found another: phoenix_wings

Is dart still used? I thought usage of it had dropped off…

It may or may not be the next go-to for google devices (laptops, phones) native application programming

It is ‘basically’ mandated for Flutter, and Flutter is ‘basically’ mandated for the new Google OS (Fuschia?), so yeah it lives… >.>

/me is not a fan of dart, at all, very poorly designed, it’s only kind of like a ‘slightly’ better javascript…


I agree, but the 2.0 dev version seems a lot better than the actual one, they are trying to move to a more strongly typed language and other improvements

The real problem is they tend to copy concepts from Java… Which make it worse over time

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