Flutter - the new kid on the mobile development block

Google Flutter (competitor to facebook react native … ?)
Android SDK killer ? :slight_smile:



Flutter looks nice. Though uses https://www.dartlang.org (not keen on the syntanx myself) but it’s nice to see more competition in this area :023:

Yes it uses dart language but … dart language is compiled to native code. So no any VM overhead.
Should be fast as native app.

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Plus I think it supports types too to generate more efficient code?

I think it is some kind of typescript looks like

Really straight way. How is that possible and if that is possible why react-native fighting with a vm and react?

Google magic? :slight_smile:

Like React Native, Flutter also provides reactive-style views. Flutter takes a different approach to avoiding performance problems caused by the need for a JavaScript bridge by using a compiled programming language, namely Dart. Dart is compiled “ahead of time” (AOT) into native code for multiple platforms. This allows Flutter to communicate with the platform without going through a JavaScript bridge that does a context switch. Compiling to native code also improves app startup times.

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Learning Dart just to use Flutter seems weird to me. That way you are getting sold to Angular Dart and Google’s tech stack I guess. I heard a lot of good things about Kotlin, but didn’t tested by myself yet.

Hard to understand why they chose dart for flutter. Only because of google created it ?


You can ask the same question about facebook lanuage https://reasonml.github.io/
In my opinion pure JS is not enough for creating modern web applications
Google is using Typescript, Dart. Facebook is using Flow, ReasonML …


Heh, Dart long predates typescript, it’s been around for a very long time. There was even talk from Google of making it a first class language in Chrome adjacent to Javascript at one point.

(Yes Dart is ‘yet another’ Google language.)

It was designed to be natively compilable, to in general be faster than Javascript in every way with less work.

Eyup, plus then you don’t need to interpret javascript slowly on iOS then too.


Interesting… Best I could recall they came out about the same time, and checking Wikipedia Dart is only about a year older than Typescript—is there some history to the language that’s not obviously documented anywhere?

Hmm I remember Google talking about it a good long while before it was ever publically available…

But at the very least, typescript is just typed javascript, it is still dang hard to compile to native code, where Dart was designed to be.

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10 mounth ago all i was trying to learn a programing language for build websites and apps

First i realised mobile apps, desktop apps, web sites are different languages. Then i realised even a website is not one language. Html, css, javascript and a backend language. Then i realised even css is not alone, sass, less. And javascript, es2015. Then SPA frontends react, vuejs … . And these days reasonMl, bucklescript … I dont know how many languages more should i learn. Really too many languages.


We will see if will get accepted by developers and how it will be popular and mature. …

Despite the “beta” tag, Google is already using Flutter in production for several apps, most notably for AdWords, Google’s advertising platform. I cannot imagine a stronger endorsement of an SDK from Google than to use it to power your multibillion dollar ad-platform UI. Google says there are already hundreds of Flutter apps out there in the Android and iOS app stores, but the most popular example is the Hamilton: The Musical (iOS/Android) app. On Android, you can take a peek behind the scenes with the Flutter Gallery demo app.

The beta release of Flutter could also be seen as another step on the road to making Google’s experimental Fuchsia OS a real operating system some day. While Google’s new OS is called “Fuchsia,” a better name for it might be “Flutter OS.” Fuchsia’s UI is entirely written in Flutter, and the Dart VM is core to the operating system. When developers are writing Flutter apps for Android and iOS, they’re also technically writing Fuchsia apps, or at least code that will carry over to Fuchsia very easily.

Source arstechnica

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Flutter allows developers to build cross-platform mobile apps. In our previous show about Flutter, Eric Seidel from Google described the goals of Flutter, why he founded the project, and how Flutter is built. In today’s show, Randal Schwartz talks about Flutter in more detail–including the developer experience of building Flutter apps and why he finds Flutter so exciting.



That’s a great video! Though he didn’t cover one scenario that I had been thinking about… Swift for iOS, and then Flutter or something like Ionic for Android :003: (I quite like Swift, but have no intention of learning Java!)

Flutter certainly looks more and more like a really good option - are there any decent front end frameworks in Dart too?

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For Dart https://webdev.dartlang.org/angular

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If you’re going to go with separate apps anyway, use Kotlin instead if you don’t like pure Java. No reason to go with other “less native” languages.

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