For a single web developer who looks for productivity, is Elixir - Phoenix better choice than Nodejs?

I have a project which does not have support financially and I’m single developer on it, I was doing some project with Nodejs, but I do not feel not productive with it because most of the things I have to implement them on my own.
What would be the difference of Elixir - Phoenix and Nodejs in terms of productivity

In my experience Elixir really shines as soon as your project becomes more complex and you need to add features while in production.
Elixir code is much easier to reason about and test.


Thank you @i-n-g-m-a-r for your response

There are technologies with which you start quicker (Ruby on Rails, numerous Javascript frameworks, maybe Python Django). But Elixir indeed will save you a lot of time long-term.


I’ve used Django (Python) and Express (Node) in the past and Phoenix/Elixir has been the best to develop with by far. It hits a sweet spot between too much convention and too much configuration. For the most part it’s also easier to debug and test.

I’d say there is more to learn upfront, but like others have said it pays off later.


Thank you guys I’m gonna go with Elixir as far as I see the community is also active would you recommend me some good resources I learn best with videos


Pragmatic Studio has given early access to their LiveView course. It’s about 50% done. Awesome content so far.

It all depends on:

  1. what do you already know?
  2. do you want to build something fast?
  3. do you want to learn Elixir?

If your priority is to get something running fast - use what you already know best. If you are OK to spend time to learn a new technology - do it in Elixir.

Both technologies, JS/Node and Phoenix/LiveView can get you very far.