For those who uses GraphQL, what do you think about Apollo Engine?


Apollo announced a new tool called Apollo Engine which is a GraphQL gateway, a server that sits between the client and the GraphQL server and handles caching and tracing errors (and potentially a lot more)

For those who used Absinthe, what do you thinking about it?
Would Elixir be a good fit for building such gateway?


I’ve only played around with Apollo engine a little bit but I think that this concept of a GraphQL gateway is extremely interesting! Looking forward to playing with it. I especially like the potential that it allows for caching and introspection.

I haven’t looked at it a ton, but I can say I’m not wildly enthusiastic about proxying all my requests through NodeJS. I need to look into this more because Apollo Optics (GraphQL analytics) looks really amazing, so hopefully there’s a documented way to push data at it without the proxy.

Requiring a NodeJS proxy is an added operations overhead it’s a performance concern, and I have no idea how it would work with websockets.


Yeah so the next step is to write a highly performant GraphQL server in a nicer language. I have just the one in mind :wink:

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Absinthe Engine? :smiley: