Form for adding tags to users (same as the one here when creating new thread)

Hello there

I would like to implement an input form for creating users tags, basically the same one that is here when creating new thread (also with that live search :grin:)

I have many to many relation between user and tags (interests).

Because app is designed for mobile, form could be on standalone page.

Also, I`m newbie so try to explain as much as possible :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

When I decided to give Elixir a try I didn’t know I would understand and enjoy it quicker than all my other attempts (Ruby, Rust, Go, PHP, Java, JavaScript, whatever…) thank you for keeping me interested.
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I think a tutorial is what you are looking for.

Maybe this one: Making a unified tagging system with many to many ecto relations.

Although I have not tried it myself, I think it will probably come in handy in your quest. ^^