FortniteBountyHunters - an esports platform for mini-cash tournaments

Hello, my name is Arne. I just shipped , a new esports platform where players can create mini fortnite cash tournaments.
Once they create a tournament, called “bounty”, all they have to do is play the game - the rest is controlled by the platform,

The backend code is not yet opensource, but im thinking of making it opensource.
Need to clean it up first a little thought :wink:

It uses phoenix, stripe api and genserver to run background processes which do the match-evaluation logic.
I thought it might be nice to add it here to have some new entries in the showcase section.

Love the language so far, allthough it took me a while to get used to it - and i am gonna be honest: im still a newbie, learning something new everyday!

Thank you!



You might consider changing the name to not include the word “Fortnite”; otherwise you might get an angry letter from the people owning Fortnite.


How do you get the details about the outcome of the match, does fortnite have some sort of api that you can tap into?


You should consider including PUBG as well. :slight_smile:

yeah man! will do that!