Forum Update: We're two today!

Whoohoo!! The forum is two years old today!

Time flies when you’re having fun, right!? And what fun we’ve had!

Not only has the forum grown at an exceptional rate, but experienced forum admins are now saying things like this:

How awesome is that!?

Rest assured we won’t be resting on our laurels! To help ensure we stay ahead of the curve and on top of our game we’ll be rolling out two new initiatives this year; a new Moderation Queue and an official Helpers group. Both of these will help put us in good stead to tackle the kinds of challenges that we’re going to face over the coming years. Stay tuned for more details about these in the coming weeks.

Two Semaphore packages up for grabs!

To help us celebrate, Semaphore are giving away TWO of their 12 month Box 2 plans, worth $996 each!

For a chance to win…

  • The first person who posts in this thread asking for one of the packages, wins!
  • The person who gets the most likes/retweets of a tweet about Semaphore, wins! (Be sure to include the hashtag #SemaphoreCI and let us know your twitter username in this thread if it differs to your forum username. We’ll count the totals in 7 days.)

For those of you who haven’t heard about them, Semaphore lets you test and deploy code at the push of a button with hosted continuous integration and delivery. It’s actually partly built with Elixir - no wonder it’s twice as fast as other similar services, right?

Thank you Semaphore! <3

BTW, if you don’t win, check out our monthly giveaway, or, if you can’t wait, you can get 10% off with your forum discount! Use coupon code ‘elixirforum’.

The forum is what it is because of YOU!

It’s all well and good saying how great the forum is doing, but we can’t not mention one of the most important pieces of the forum puzzle - you. From our moderators and devoted regulars who log in day in day out, to those of you who just pop on now and again or even those who post once and are never to be seen again. All of you, each and every single one of you, put your own mark on the forum in some way or another, and the more you hang out here, the bigger that mark is.

Whether you realise it or not, you make a difference. Your friendly, helpful nature is what makes the forum such a great place and attracts more and more people to the forum and community overall. This is why we go to great lengths with our community building initiatives - you matter greatly and you are a part of the forum family - please don’t ever forget that :blush:

What next for the forum?

While we might be two years old today, this is just the beginning! We’ve got the tentative years out of the way pretty smoothly, now, the world is our oyster! There will be fresh challenges to face and overcome, but with your help and support, we’ll take them in our stride. Thank you for being part of the forum and helping shape it into what it is today :purple_heart: :heart: :yellow_heart: :green_heart: :blue_heart:


##Some fun facts from the last year.

  • The forum is now 7,700 members strong!
  • We’ve sent over a million emails!
  • We serve over 500,000 pages a month!

Top 40 visitor countries

  1. United States - 28.71%
  2. Germany - 5.24%
  3. United Kingdom - 5%
  4. India - 4.87%
  5. Russia - 3.68%
  6. Brazil - 3.52%
  7. Canada - 3.31%
  8. Poland - 2.91%
  9. France - 2.67%
  10. Japan - 2.39%
  11. Australia - 2.28%
  12. Spain - 2.18%
  13. Netherlands - 1.95%
  14. Sweden - 1.84%
  15. Ukraine - 1.63%
  16. Mexico - 1.52%
  17. Italy - 1.45%
  18. Philippines (below 1%)
  19. China
  20. Singapore
  21. Switzerland
  22. Belgium
  23. Indonesia
  24. Hong Kong
  25. Portugal
  26. Taiwan
  27. South Korea
  28. Israel
  29. Romania
  30. Austria
  31. Finland
  32. Thailand
  33. Columbia
  34. Malaysia
  35. Norway
  36. South Africa
  37. Argentina
  38. Czechia
  39. Greece
  40. Turkey

Top 10 traffic sources

  1. Google (organic) - 78%
  2. Direct - 11%
  3. Twitter ( 2.78%
  4. Duckduckgo - 1.58%
  5. Github - 1.03%
  6. Bing (organic) - 0.57%
  7. Reddit - 0.50%
  8. - 0.40%
  9. - 0.36%
  10. - 0.33%

Top 10 browsers used are

  1. Chrome - 68.75%
  2. Safari - 14.09%
  3. Firefox - 12.25%
  4. Opera - 1.28%
  5. Internet Explorer - 1.07%
  6. Edge - 0.70%
  7. Safari (in-app) 0.65%
  8. Android Webview - 0.35%
  9. Opera mini - 0.17%
  10. Samsung Internet - 0.15%

Top 10 Operating Systems

  1. Macintosh - 33.74%
  2. Windows - 29.14%
  3. Linux - 15.10%
  4. Android - 10.93%
  5. iOS - 10.61%
  6. Chrome OS - 0.19%
  7. (not set) - 0.13%
  8. Windows Phone - 0.05%
  9. FreeBSD - 0.04%
  10. BlackBerry - 0.04%

Top 5 Screen Resolutions

  1. 1920x1080 - 20.15%
  2. 1440x900 - 12.04%
  3. 1366x768 - 9.53%
  4. 1280x800 - 6.58%
  5. 1680x1050 - 6.01%

Other cool info

  • A staggering 77% of users have not set Flash (I guess this means not installed)
  • Most people are running in 24 bit colour (78%) followed by 32 bit colour (20%)
  • 90% of browsers reporting as having no Java support

then i am asking for package :slight_smile:


I’d like to win one of the Semaphore packages :smiley:


Looks like Dokuzbir, just beat you to it @LostKobrakai - you should definitely enter via Twitter if you’re on that :003:


Congradulations! It’s really nice to be here with all of you :smiley: .


Finland only on place 31. :frowning2: I need to work harder to move us up to the top 10!


Spanish traffic is all mine. :grimacing:

Congrats! This forum is the best place to learn Elixir.


I doubt it because I’m aware of at least three people from Portugal and we’re below you, so there must be more :stuck_out_tongue:


You might find this poll interesting too :003:


Well done guys! I’ve been here less than a week and can already see how well these forums are run. One of the most welcome aspects is the responsiveness of members - please do what you can to keep that up! :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe a reputation system to encourage users to contribute?


Hi, welcome and thanks for the kind words about the forum! :slight_smile:

We have several user-reputation related initiatives on the forum :003:

As well as our cool giveaways, discounts etc :023:

We’ll also be introducing more user initiatives this year as mentioned in the first post above - an official Helpers group and a Moderation Queue which members will also be able to help with - keep your eyes peeled for more in the coming weeks :slight_smile:


Happy to be a part of the Elixir Community :slight_smile:


This forum isn’t just an Elixir forum, it’s a great resource for programming full stop.

A fantastic thing which the Elixir community has given to the programming community at large.

Good job.


Stats update?

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Latest stats are in this section :023:

Elixir Forum Update - 2018!


Next update will be in January :003:

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Nice to see Duckduckgo in the top 5!