Record breaking month on the Elixir Forum!

Remember on our first birthday we shared that the forum had served a staggering one million pages in our first year? Then at the start of this year (effectively our second year) we shared that we’re now serving a whopping half a million pages - per month? Well… we had a record breaking month last month, where we served over one million pages!! :003:


Don’t get too excited though :lol: a large proportion of the increase is due to bots and crawlers (but that’s normal for a forum of this age) and we also had quite a few big discussions - started by members of the forum as well as the Elixir Core Team, and so we don’t expect this to become the month on month norm just yet, but still, it’s a milestone worthy of sharing.

While sharing stats, you might also be interested to know that now, on a regular basis, we get around 90,000 click throughs from just our top ten traffic sources! All of them are search engines bar one (Twitter). Just imagine… every month people have over 100,000 Elixir related queries and questions - and most of the time you’ve been answering those queries without even knowing it! It may not seem like it, but all of your hard work in posting and answering questions is making life easier for everyone interested in Elixir, now, and especially down the road - because each thread can go on to help others hundreds or even thousands of times (in time, some threads may even exceed 100,000 views! :icon_eek:).

This is one of the reasons we are so meticulous when it comes to things like thread titles, tags and post content… so we hope you won’t mind if we ever edit one of your threads or posts :smiley:

Well done everyone - and thank you for everything you do … and don’t forget we do our best to make the forum fun and rewarding for YOU too - by our amazing giveaways and awesome Members of the Month scheme. Check out the details here: Elixir Forum Update - 2018! and here: Members of the Month - 2018 :purple_heart::heart::yellow_heart::orange_heart::blue_heart: :023: