FOSDEM 2020 - let’s organise a BEAM Community devroom?

The call for devrooms for the upcoming FOSDEM has been opened. FOSDEM is a large community-organized conference around open source software.

The BEAM community has been notably not present at recent installments, so I would like to change that, by organising a BEAM devroom next year, to get Elixir and Erlang and other BEAM languages together.

I just wanted to get this out here, to see if there is enough interest from the community in doing this. Who would like to help me organizing this?


Update - a BEAM devroom has been accepted at FOSDEM :smiley: has more information about this, and the call for talks has just been opened!


Hey @arjan, sorry but I only saw this now (I haven’t been as active in the forum as I’d like to). We’re indeed organizing a BEAM Devroom at FOSDEM 2020 – and I hope to see you there :wink:

For reference, I also created this post to announce it.

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Awesome :slight_smile:

I was a bit disappointed that nobody on the forum responded… but great to see that it’s being picked up! Will submit a talk myself actually :slight_smile:


Awesome :heart_eyes: looking forward to that! and sorry again for the silence on our end – will try to be more active in the forum :crossed_fingers: