Founding Elixir Engineer - MindNexus GmbH, Germany, Remote Europe

Introductory paragraph

We’re Jakub & Andi, co-founders of MindNexus - an early-stage, Hamburg-based company specializing in AI for marketing. We’re building a set of SaaS solutions focused on content generation, eg. We made a bet on Elixir as our unfair advantage :purple_heart: and now we’re looking for our first hire, a senior developer that will help us grow and prepare for the future.

About us

My name: Jakub Skałecki
My position: Co-Founder & CTO
Company name: MindNexus GmbH
Company website:
Company headquarters: Hamburg, Germany
Company info and history: Company was founded in January 2024 by Andreas Groke (Founder x3, former Managing Director from and Jakub Skałecki (Founder x3, Tech Lead from and quickly growing. We’re using Elixir & Phoenix Live View to quickly develop our solutions. Challenges involve reliable data scraping & real-time streaming of LLM responses.

About the job

Job title: Founding Elixir Engineer
Job description: We’re looking for a highly-motivated Elixir engineer with experience in Phoenix Live View. You’ll be developing new features in our existing projects and bootstrapping new ones. Since it’s an early-stage company there are no processes for many things, we expect you to help us introduce them.
Salary range: 5000-7000€ / month + Shares in the company - we win together as a team
Qualifications or experience required:

  • Senior developer with commercial experience in Elixir & Phoenix
  • Enthusiastic about working in a small, dynamic team.
  • Ready to take initiative and influence your work environment.
  • Excited about AI and its potential.
  • Willing to occasionally contribute to open-source Elixir projects.
  • (Optional) Some experience with Vue.js will be a plus (I’m the author of LiveVue library, used by us in production).

What the successful job applicant will be working on: We’ll give you a lot of freedom to design, build and maintain our own SaaS solutions:, and custom-made projects for our clients, mostly marketing agencies.

Position on remote work

Remote job: Yes
Remote restrictions: Europe (GMT +/- 3h)
Remote leeway: Exceptional candidates will be considered regardless the timezone
Any other notes about your position on remote work: If you’re from Hamburg or Warsaw (Poland) and would like to occasionally work from the office, we can make it happen.

About the interview process

We keep it straightforward, while giving us confidence you’re the person we’re looking for:

  • 15m online call with the founders
  • a small (<2h), relevant, interesting take-home assignment
  • a technical interview

Further info

If you’re excited about this role and want to be part of an innovative startup, please send your CV to Briefly tell us about yourself. Please highlight Elixir experience and tell us what are your salary expectations and availability.

Job offer & additional info can be found here