Founding Elixir Engineer - SuperAPI, Melbourne, Australia

We’re hiring a founding software developer to help us build our suite of products. We’re offering a package of $120k-$140k AUD plus ESOP for this position.

We’re based at Little Collins Street in the Melbourne CBD and the position is a hybrid remote work with a few days in the office. Our preference is towards in-office work due to the early stage of the company where communication is essential.

My name: Samuel Richardson
My position: CTO
Company name: SuperAPI
Company website:
Company headquarters (country): Melbourne
Company info and history: We are an early stage startup that has been running for about one year. We’ve recently closed our first major deal with an international HR platform who will be putting our super selection tool in flow in front of approx. 12,000 new employees who are onboarding each month.

About the job

Job title: Founding Elixir Engineer
Job description: You will be working across our three products but most predominantly on our main product SuperAPI. You will be working 100% in the backend on Elixir with some frontend work in Liveview and React.
Salary range: $120k-$140k AUD plus ESOP
Qualifications or experience required: We would like to hear from all levels of Elixir developers.
What the successful job applicant will be working on: | |

Position on remote work

Remote job: partially
Remote restrictions: Work from home in Melbourne n number of days per week (negotiable but with the expectation of some days in the office)
Remote leeway: The amount of work from home really comes down to how well you communicate, how experienced you are and the type of work we have on at the moment. As an engineer CTO, I understand how attractive it is to work from home in terms of getting stuff done, however this needs to be balanced with communication as we shape the software and what direction it needs to take.
Any other notes about your position on remote work: None

About the interview process

We’ve outlined our interview process in this document:

Further info

We have a detailed job description available here: SuperAPI Founding Engineer Job Advert - Google Docs which includes information on how to contact us (or just reach out to me via the forums DM)


Hello @Rodeoclash, Is there relocation support is available for this role.

Hey @dbytecoderc - sorry, not yet, we’re still quite early stage.

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Hi Sam,

I’m interested in the position. Is there a way I could send you my resume? Please PM me here. Thanks.

@t12a I did bury the lede a little bit here. You can apply at: