Founding Product Engineer - Parallax - New York - Remote US

Founding Product Engineer - Parallax - New York - Remote US

About us

My name: Alex Kuang
My position: Cofounder / developer / janitor
Company name: Parallax
Company website:
Company headquarters (country): US

About the company

Parallax is an early stage, VC-backed startup bringing the benefits of crypto to b2b payments. We’re backed by an amazing suite of fintech & crypto investors, led by Dragonfly Capital.

Our mission is unlock the power of crypto for all businesses. We believe that crypto is a superior form of money movement. It’s faster, cheaper, and more convenient – especially for international transfers, where the alternative is a wire that has a hefty fee, takes forever, and may or may not get lost on the way.

We’re building the infrastructure to make crypto the ubiquitous form of business money movement. Our first product makes crypto b2b payments dead simple from communicating the need for a payment, all the way down to accounting, so businesses can get back to doing what they do best.

Where we are now:

  • We have an MVP in private beta. We’ve processed over 6 figures worth of payments in the last month.
  • We have LOIs + active design partnerships with some major web3 players and are working hard to build everything needed to get them onboarded.
  • We have a fantastic set of investors & angels in fintech & crypto, with healthy runway.

About the job

We’re looking for kind and ambitious engineers to build & shape the foundations of Parallax’s product and company culture and beyond.

This is a full time job with the usual collection of health benefits, flexible PTO, discretionary work budget, etc. Compensation is flexible but general range is $100k - $180k USD + ~1% equity.

What you’ll bring

  • At least 2-3 years of professional development experience. We’re not going to nitpick over the number of years, but this is a mid-level to senior role and you should have the ability to take a project from idea to deployment. Our tech stack is mainly Elixir (Phoenix, LiveView, Oban, etc) with Postgres and deployed on Elixir experience is not required but you should know your way around a web app with similar tech.
  • Product mindset with a healthy customer obsession. We’re looking for engineers who care about the business and are excited to learn about customer needs and solve their problems.
  • Love of learning and autonomy. We’re an early stage company, so there will be chaos despite our best efforts. Ideally you enjoy being a generalist and picking things up along the way, whether that’s a new programming language like Elixir or the details of a customer payment workflow.
  • Clear and open communication. We believe software is a team sport and communication is a vital skill for engineers.
  • Thoughtfulness & enthusiasm in company, team & culture building. We believe that culture is a product of everyone on the team, and as an early hire you will have an outsized impact on the way it develops. You’ll also be key in early hiring decisions. We’re looking for people who want to shape a successful culture & company where everyone can do their best work.

More things you should know

  • Parallax is a remote-first company for a more flexible work style. The founders are both in New York, but have over a decade of experience working on distributed teams. We won’t say “remote” and then expect you to be chained to Slack + Zoom 8 hours a day.
  • That said, we also believe in the value of in-person interaction. We expect to have work spaces in certain cities & team-wide get-togethers at least twice a year, fully paid for by the company. At this time, we also strongly prefer general working hours +/- 3h of EST.
  • We are relentless about shipping product that customers care about. We are not relentless about shipping perfect code. While quality is important for shipping sustainably, we’ll take “kind of messy but works” over “functionally pure but took twice as long” any day.
  • We’re not using Kubernetes, Kafka, or anything fancy. We are pragmatic with tech choices and would rather spend time on customer-facing work than fiddling with Webpack or debugging the latest hotness from the HN front page.

About the interview process

  • Phone screen (30 min): Standard opening phone screen. We make sure expectations are aligned and talk about past work, what’s next, etc.
  • Work sample (scoped for 4-6h): The prompt will be a light version of a task that you might see in day to day work. For example, we might ask for a small invoicing or billing prototype.
  • Technical followup (60 min): Akin to a code/design review lite. We’ll walk through the sample submission and go through topics like design choices, tradeoffs, and “what would you do if we had to add this feature.”
  • CEO chat (30 min): Meet our founder + CEO. The main focus here is evaluating cultural fit and getting any pressing questions answered.
  • In-person visit: Come visit us in New York! Have lunch with the team, get a feel for spending time in person, and go even deeper into vision + roadmap + anything else you want to know about Parallax. :slight_smile:

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