Free course - Introduction to Functional Programming in OCaml

There is a free MOOC Ocaml course starting Sept 26, 2016 for anyone that’s interested. I took it last year and its a serious course that can be completed in the browser.


Just curious… Has anyone signed up and started the OCaml MOOC?


Haven’t signed up for the course, but I do look at OCaml now and then. It looks like a fun language!


OCaml is a wonderful language! Plus Bucklescript to be able to use it with webdev. ^.^


This is free too and looks like it’s been put together well:


Seems they gave it another go (3rd Ed./Session 3):

  • Started Sep. 17, ends Dec. 12
  • Registration ends Nov. 25.

Hacker News


Registration closed already :cry:

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Yes sorry I got info to late. But I assume it will be open again sometime in the future …

Session 4
Classes start Sept 22, 2019


I’m excited to check this out this year and use it to supplement Web Development with ReasonML.

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Given that wdrml uses ReasonML syntax I’d be inclined not to use them concurrently.

I’d imagine that unless one has sufficiently acclimatized to one syntax already, dealing with a “dialect” and the original at the same time could get a bit disorienting.

Thanks for the heads up - I registered.

Is this course held in a synchronous or asynchronous way? If the former what are the lecture times?

As I haven’t participated I don’t know.

But the “MOOC pattern” seems to be to post lectures as videos and have the registered participants (and possibly lecturer and/or “teaching assistants”) interact via course/lecture specific message boards.

So you have video lectures, slides, exercises and project.
You have deadline to finish exercises for each week.
At the end there is final project.

I was just only for video lessons :slight_smile:
Good part is that you can access content any time.

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Hello, how did You unlock the videos? I have registered, but it seems content will be available only on 22 of september.

Nice to see there will be a lot of Elixir users following this course :slight_smile:

Update: OK, I see You took previous session :smile:

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Yes I was registered year ago :slight_smile:

All 6 weeks of material (with exercises counting towards 60% of completion) are now available. The final project (one of two counting 40% towards completion) will be announced next week (typically Klotski Puzzle Solver or Random Text Generator).

From Trends in Functional Programming in Education 2017:

10:00–10:30 Yann Régis-Gianas and Benjamin Canou MOOC on OCaml slides online demo

Video: Scaling up Functional Programming Education: Under the Hood of the OCaml MOOC (19:19)

Paper: Scaling up Functional Programming Education: Under theHood of the OCaml MOOC (ACM Digital Library)