Free course - Introduction to Functional Programming in OCaml



There is a free MOOC Ocaml course starting Sept 26, 2016 for anyone that’s interested. I took it last year and its a serious course that can be completed in the browser.

Introduction to Functional Programming in OCaml - Free Online Course

Just curious… Has anyone signed up and started the OCaml MOOC?


Haven’t signed up for the course, but I do look at OCaml now and then. It looks like a fun language!


OCaml is a wonderful language! Plus Bucklescript to be able to use it with webdev. ^.^


This is free too and looks like it’s been put together well:


Seems they gave it another go (3rd Ed./Session 3):

  • Started Sep. 17, ends Dec. 12
  • Registration ends Nov. 25.

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Registration closed already :cry:


Yes sorry I got info to late. But I assume it will be open again sometime in the future …