Free Email Course: Introduction to GenServers (self-published) (free)


Hi All I have a new email course to introduce people to GenServers, which I think will be useful for those trying to get up to speed with OTP
Sign up here


As a subscriber of his mail courses, I can say they are very short and right into the point.
I recommend it - it’s free anyway, what do you have to lose? :stuck_out_tongue:


Last one was pretty good. I just wanted to know if this offers anything more than the genservers&OTP course on hackernoon?


Actually I have not seen the hackernoon course, so I don’t know


The link from the Youtube video’s description is not working:

I’m being redirected to

We can’t find that page

It looks like you’re trying to reach a page that was built by Mailchimp but is no longer active. Want to know more about us? Visit


Link FIxed, and added above


This one, week 3.

I managed to figure out the basics of OTP from the couple of videos and exercises.

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