Free Email Course: Introduction to GenServers (self-published) (free)

Hi All I have a new email course to introduce people to GenServers, which I think will be useful for those trying to get up to speed with OTP
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As a subscriber of his mail courses, I can say they are very short and right into the point.
I recommend it - it’s free anyway, what do you have to lose? :stuck_out_tongue:

Last one was pretty good. I just wanted to know if this offers anything more than the genservers&OTP course on hackernoon?

Actually I have not seen the hackernoon course, so I don’t know

The link from the Youtube video’s description is not working:

I’m being redirected to

We can’t find that page

It looks like you’re trying to reach a page that was built by Mailchimp but is no longer active. Want to know more about us? Visit

Link FIxed, and added above

This one, week 3.

I managed to figure out the basics of OTP from the couple of videos and exercises.

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is this site up and running?

no it is not

any plans to bring it up?

Probably not, I had built it to promote a business doing Elixir training, I have now shut that down in favor of something else

Please don’t mind me asking. Could you share your experience running that training? And more importantly why you shut it down? Demand or competition or hype cycle flattening? Are you still using Elixir for a paid job or business or have you departed from Elixir as platform of choice?

A blog post or a separate thread will be beneficial to the community. Thanks for even considering this request.

I was never ever able to generate any sales, maybe that is just my lack of skills as a sales person. The problem I had was I could never quite figure out how to find people who were looking to move to elixir and therefore in the correct place to buy. Really the issue was that I did not have enough cash to figure out sales and marketing.

I am currently building a new business that is software for flight schools, it is built with Pheonix and LiveView