Free hosting for Elixir/Phoenix?

So, is Heroku the only free option for hosting Phoenix/Elixir at this point? I’m not ready to commit to paying monthly and was wondering what kind of options are out there for the Free tier and what peoples’ experience with them are.


I personally have tried:
AWS - free tier
GAE - free tier (Google Cloud now :))
Digital Ocean - (Github Student Pack pack promo for 50$, you need to have an email address which ends with *.edu)


@jsonify, I am using machine in cloud (CentOS).

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Heroku - their deployment process is quote good.
With their new billing mechanism you can get for free either

  • one instance under some load 24/7
  • multiple instances each sleeping some time (i.e. no inbound requests for a while)

@jsonify, now has a free tier, no credit card required. It’s very similar to Heroku except that it supports node clustering, hot upgrades, and remote console. It doesn’t restart your processes every 24 hours, restrict you to arbitrary simultaneous connections per instance, or limit each connection to an arbitrary number of seconds.

I’m the founder, feel free to reach out to me for help.


@thousandsofthem: How sleeping is working with Phoenix Channels? I need to reconnect and authenticate again or all connection/channels are automatically restored?

@jesse: How many projects I can run in free tier? Do I have 24/7 without restart connection (especially Phoenix WebSocket). Which deployment tool(s) did you tested? Any tutorials? I don’t need it currently, but it’s really interesting to bookmark and use in (hope) near future.

You get 1 app instance and 1 postgres instance for free. Yes, 24/7 no restarts except in extreme circumstances. We currently only support Distillery. There is a “tutorial” for modifying an existing Phoenix app [1] and one for using the gigalixir-getting-started template repo [2].



Fwiw, gigalixir free tier does not sleep.