FreeBsd and Elixir 1.5 and OTP 20 - will I have to install and compile them from the source code?

By default, via pkg install, in Freebsd the old version of Elixir - 1.4.5 and OTP 19 - are installed. Whereas I want the latest versions - Elixir 1.5 and OTP 20.

Will I have to install them from sources? Has anybody done this? How difficult it was?

P.S. there’s no source code for FreeBsd at

It may be worth using a version manager. It would allow you to install any version of Elixir or Erlang that you need / want to work with.

are you sure it’ll allow me to install elixir 1.5 and otp 20 if they don’t exist in FreeBsd package “pkg” system repository?

Yes. Version managers for various languages have their own repository of versions that can be installed. For example, I use asdf on OSX. OSX does not have a native package manger, but I am still able to install different versions of Elixir and Erlang for the different projects that I work on.

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