Freelance opportunity to work on Elixir/Phoenix/LiveView

Introductory paragraph
Hi, I’m Phil, Elixir dev and co-founder of Lowdown. We are a very early stage startup, looking for a daily rate quotes from contractors. Over the next few months we plan to outsource some development work to add the next phase of features to our Elixir-based backend.

About us
My name: Phil McClure
My position: Co-Founder
Company name: Lowdown

About the contract
Position on remote work: We’re fine with remote.
Qualifications or experience required: Ideally 1-2 years professional experience.
What the successful job applicant will be working on: You will be working on a Elixir based backend with a related Phoenix and Phoenix LiveView app. We have a closed beta version of the app finished but need a freelance developer to help develop the next phase of features.

Further info
At this stage we need to get some quotes for daily rates. Also, it is a requirement that you are a sole trader or private/limited company. Please contact me phil.mcclure[at]


Are you by any chance still looking for an elixir dev?

Not anymore. Sorry.