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If you have a freelance or short term contract job please use this thread to post details. (Please note the job must be your own - no agencies or consultancies sorry.)

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Your name:
Your company/organisation: (if applicable)
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Details of job or length of contract if a short-term-contract:

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Beth Heidemann, (co-founder/content creator)

Reach us at

We have an educational website that uses videos, livestream events, and online lesson materials to teach science to young learners. Our website was custom developed using Phoenix and Elixir and we have integrations with YouTube, MailChimp, and Google. The site is hosted on AWS. Our web developer has recently closed up shop and we are looking for someone to take over hosting responsibilities as well as perform website maintenance, troubleshooting, and minor feature upgrades. We host livestream events with schools through our website and need someone that can jump in quickly to help troubleshoot if our system goes down. This is ongoing with the possibility of additional freelance projects in the future as we expand or improve features.

We paid our previous developer a monthly retainer for approximately three hours of work monthly. We’d like to continue with a similar arrangement. Time and compensation are negotiable.


Philip Nordenfelt - cofounder, ceo
Cytely (formerly oden vision ab)


We’re building the next generation of life sciences technology for automated science. Our first product is related to microscopy automation and saves labs weeks of expensive manual labor with each single run. Our stack is Elixir and Liveview first. We’re a hybrid organisation and we value autonomy and high quality code.

About us

We’re an early stage B2B SaaS startup founded in the summer of 2022.

We fundamentally believe that the best products are built when small, cross functional, autonomous teams are empowered to solve business problems as they see fit. Engineers are heavily involved throughout the product development process, inputting into the why and what as well as the how.

Our stack has a few main components:

  • A backend with a custom API and a web frontend built using Elixir and Phoenix Live View
  • Message Queue
  • Distributed technology
  • Plugin framework using Julia, Python and more
  • Heavy image analysis focus
  • postgresDB

We’re passionate advocates of the Live View approach for building web applications and believe that it’s one of the biggest step changes in productivity and developer experience since Ruby on Rails.

About the job

Job title: Full Stack Engineer

Job description:

You will be asked to build new features as well as maintain/refactor already built components. You will be in close communication with the rest of the team.

Qualifications or experience required: If you have professional experience in Elixir (or another language but love Elixir), let’s talk

This is a consultant part-time position on remote basis

About the interview process

  • NDA
  • Informal, introductory call with me (15-30 mins)
  • First interview with a member of our Engineering team (30 mins)
  • Technical Interview (1 hour) take us through a piece of code you’re proud of and talk about how it’s architected, what worked well and what you’d do differently if you wrote it again. If you don’t have a suitable piece of code, we’re also happy to pay you for half a days work to do a take home task. But we understand that everyone’s busy so we’d much rather use some code you’ve already got where possible!
  • CTO (Co-Founder) Interview (30 mins)
  • Trial (paid) task

Happy to answer any questions here or mail/pm

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